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With the ever increasing cost of construction materials, the wise DIY builder should whenever apropriate, try and purchase them second-hand.

In fact, a surprising variety of materials can be obtained without ever entering a builder’s merchant, hardware or DIY shop. These range from basic constructional essentials, like bricks, timber and roof tiles, to indoor materials, such as flooring, doors, staircase timbers, fireplaces and decorative accessories.




Some reclaimed materials are much cheaper than their new counterparts; however, others will be a little pricier. Aside from the knowledge that by using reclaimed materials, you are recycling them and in the process doing your bit for the environment, probably the main attraction of using reclaimed items helps to preserve the appearance and character when doing renovations on older homes.

The recycling process

There is, of course, nothing new in the use of old materials; small tradesmen and builders have always looked out for sound old bricks, timbers doors and window frames that can be used again. But in recent years, the process has intensified and more care is now taken to retrieve specialised items, largely because of their increasingly high resale value.

The recycling chain starts with the demolition contractors. Whenever they put in a quotation for a job, they offer a discount for the “credit” value of the materials. This means that they have a vested interest in disposing of anything that they can take out of the building in question. The demolition contractors have a well developed network through which most of their salvage is disposed.

You should have no difficulty in obtaining weatherproof materials from demolition contractors: bricks, slates, roof tiles, rolled steel joists and heavy timbers are always likely to be readily available. For more specialised items, you should visit an architectural salvage dealer. These establishments take supplies of doors, timbers of all kinds, flooring, iron railings, and a whole host of objects, which begin to overlap with the stocks of antique dealers. These might include fireplaces, chimney pots, decorative ironware and antique tiles. Of course, the most valuable items end up with antique dealers.

Searching for salvage

Always start your search on the phone – speak to the local demolition contractors and find out what they have. Even if they cannot help you, they will know of builder’s merchants who deal in salvaged materials, and other dealers for more specialised items. Here are a few popular items that can be readily found and used:

Roofing materials: Slate and old clay tiles are extremely expensive to buy new, and difficult to match up to older roofs, as such they are always in demand. Conversely, modern cement-based tiles are not often kept, as they are comparatively inexpensive to purchase new. When buying old slate tiles, be warned that slate tiles have been made in a bewildering variety of sizes and you must carefully check that a prospective purchase matches your existing slate tiles.




Construction timber:Heavy timbers for roofing and joists are widely available – they often have the supreme advantage of being well seasoned, which means they will not crack, warp or contract after installation. At all costs, avoid timber that shows any signs of attack by damp, rot or wood-boring beetles or termites.

Flooring wood:Floorboards and parquet floor tiles make excellent second-hand buys. Reclaimed floorboards are particularly suitable in cases where you are repairing a floor. Do not worry too much about superficial damage because you can sand the floors and parquet tiles down and refinish them, so they look good as new. But do check that they are not too thin to sand further.

Other woods: You can reclaim a wide range of wooden items for interior purposes – these include wooden banisters, stair rail support spindles, doors and doorframes, moulded wood fireplace surrounds, window frames, and much more. These items vary immensely in price and condition, and if they have been cleaned up and repaired, their price will reflect this.




Fireplaces: Fine, ornate fire surrounds in wood, marble and cast iron are popular items, as are antique stoves. Period inserts, such as grates and fire baskets, area also available, but are usually not sold separately.

Stained glass: Many homes have attractive windows of stained glass, which are sadly dilapidated through breakage and bowing. Often, the problem is simply caused by the drying out of the thin sliver of putty that sits between the lips of the lead surround.


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Save Money and recycle

No matter how well-constructed your home might be, it’ll reach a time when it becomes inhabitable, even if it’s hundreds of years to come. In the past, demolition was a very costly process – the entire structure had to be demolished, leaving nothing behind for the homeowner to recycle. However, times have brought about a great deal of change, with more effort to reuse and recycle in order to ensure sustainability within the planet. This gives another option in the way of “green demolition” when it comes to destroying a home that you and your family can no longer live in.


What is Green Demolition?

There are many people that still don’t understand green demolition, a fairly newer concept when it comes to home improvement. In most cases, a home is considered unfit for habituation for several reasons including but not limited to toxic chemicals or waste, unfit construction, safety hazards and unsanitary conditions. As a rule of thumb, if the costs of renovating the home can be lower than destruction costs then the home can be reused, but many times the demolition costs are lower, leaving homeowners with only a couple options. Green demolition involves recycling materials instead of destroying.

What can be Salvaged?

During green demolition, the building is taken apart, piece-by-piece, recycling materials that aren’t damaged or contaminated in order to build more homes. The resulting second hand building materials could consist of bricks, masonry, drywall, concrete, wood floors, counters and cabinets. There’s definitely no limit to what you can salvage from these homes, reducing the needs to create new products which promote pollution and destruction of trees.

second hand building materials

What are the Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, many people have never heard of recycled building materials. In essence, these are second hand building materials that have been removed from buildings that are being renovated or demolished. By using recycled materials you can get quality for a discount price, whilst breathing a second life into perfectly serviceable items.

Again, the concept of green demolition allows you to reduce the amount of good materials that are demolished and also to recycle pieces that can be used within other homes. This creates lesser costing materials as well, ensuring that homes can have a better and more stable structure for less money. The overall benefits of green home improvement highly trump traditional demolition, which really brings about minimal benefits to the homeowner.

home improvement

Unfortunately, salvaging is often more time consuming and laborious than traditional demolition. However, with salvaging, you’re not only earning tax credits but also protecting and lengthening the life of the earth, completely neutralizing the additional time and labor involved.

When it comes to demolishing a structure, the overall impact can be extremely costly financially and environmentally. The destruction leaves materials strewn around that can be hazardous, especially if toxic and not properly treated. Utilizing green deconstruction instead can bring about several great benefits to the environment, community, economy, and the safety of the project as well. Reclaimed building materials offer a means of completing your project to your desired standard and within your budget.

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The Demolition Practices
There comes a moment when a building has served its purpose and is no longer habitable. It might also not be practical to renovate or reinforce the building, or it needs to be torn down to give way for a larger or more modern structure in its place. When this happens, care and much planning are required to ensure that the demolition proceeds with minimal damage to the neighborhood and surroundings.

Demolition in South Africa often involves intentionally collapsing sections of walls, supports, and roof materials. If the proper steps are not taken to clear and protect a demolition area, dangerous falling object injuries can occur. Part of the proper protection from these dangerous events is the construction and installation of protected walkways in areas with nearby foot traffic. This type of protection must be able to sustain a certain amount of weight per square foot to ensure these structures are safe from collapse and to protect any pedestrians.

Safety should be prioritized over all other considerations. At the same time, the proper permits should be obtained from the city government to ensure smooth and continuous operation. Hiring a professional building demolition service is the best answer to problematic situations like tearing down of a building. However, one needs to know what to ask your service provider to be able to choose the best service.

Some Questions to Ask Before Considering a Service:

Are there hazardous materials in the building that should be removed before the actual process? How would these materials be disposed of? Included in these should be a checklist of materials like asbestos, biological and chemical substances that may be present in the building. Sewage and waste materials should also be considered. What are the containment, removal and disposal measures that will be used before any actual tearing down process?


When will the utilities be disconnected? Utilities such as water, gas, and electricity have to be disconnected as soon as possible to prevent accidents during the actual teardown. Open and live wires may become deadly if power is not disconnected. The same holds true for gas connections.

How much time and manpower would be needed for the job? Time is gold as the saying goes. The length of time required should be considered to meet any deadlines especially if the project consists of putting up a new building in place of the old one. Manpower should be balanced to optimize operational costs.

What types of equipment are needed for the task? Is heavy equipment necessary for the job on hand? If required, which ones are to be used and at what stage of the job should these be used? Are rentals available for use or does the provider own the necessary equipment?


Where will tear down materials be disposed of? After the demolition, rubble and other documents needed to be moved away from the site and disposed of properly to avoid damage to the community and the environment.

To what extent will the contractor provide their services and at what cost? Is the contractor an expert in the field of demolition? What cleanup processes are included in the contract?

Choose your contractor based on their answers to these considerations. This way you will have minimal problems during the entire process of tearing down the building.

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Building Materials and Good Demolition Practices.

Without any doubt it comes to a point when we all need a change in our life. Maybe you just need to adapt to new environment or to a new work routine. Likewise, is the case with building and structures demolition. If you need to do a general site cleaning, tree felling or foundation excavation then you need to seek services from qualified demolishers. There are some set of practices and rules that have to be followed for well-organized demolition. Construction of buildings is relatively expensive and therefore you need to get it right from the first attempt. Following this rules also help reduce risk to the surroundings.

The use of advanced machinery has made demolition so easy. Even tall buildings and walls can be destroyed within a short period of time. This machinery gives constructors and developers time to organize the ground before they demolish any structure. Here are points that can help the all process work out effectively.


Site Plan

You need to hire a construction company with qualified architects and demolishers capable of site planning before demolition. The site plan should include which building materials to be removed and where they need to removed. The architects should also identify the building materials to be retained on site.

Good constructors will tell you what’s under the surface before taking your house down. Electrical wires and building materials such as asbestos are dangerous and can destroy building machinery and cause negative health conditions to workers. Site plan comes first, if the architect doesn’t provide then ask for it.
Using safety gear

You don’t want accidents during demolishing process so when seeking for demolition services, ask about the safety policies. All workers are required to wear protective gear because the particulates released might cause adverse health conditions. Apart from footwear and clothing, workers should also wear dusk mask when handling materials. Houses made from eco-friendly wood are not hazardous but precautions are still necessary.

You might need to observe the demolition, just to check if workers are dressed appropriately. Sometimes you just need to confirm if the workers have liability insurance or worker’s insurance so that you avoid being held accountable for accidents.

aluminium windows

Using up-to-date tools

Just like any other industry, technology is required in demolition. The process will be much easier and simpler if the demolishers used are advanced. Seek for companies with high tech machines, they might be relatively expensive but then they are worth it especially when quality and speed are factors. In case where a company doesn’t have advanced machinery, they should at least use an up-to-date equipment that comply with your state laws and safety requirements.


Types of demolition works

In order to demolish a house or any structure you need a proper plan, you should therefore determine the cost and how much you are capable of spending. Apart from the normal demolition, contractors also manage waste and undertake earth-moving works. Some companies also provide items such as wood and aluminium windows to be used during reconstruction. Hire companies that can do several works, it is relatively cheap to work with one contractor.

building materials 1

Seeking the services of a demolition contractor is a safe and easy way to get work done within exact timeline and budget. Our company is capable of helping with your contraction works, advice you about the right changes while keeping your budget in mind. We also provide high quality aluminum windows and other building materials such as wood.

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Protector Build Sales Tue, 29 Mar 2016 20:16:12 +0000 http://paul/?p=2831 Fencing stock includes Precast walling, Palisades, Swimming pool fencing and more. Home renovation products, Second hand appliances. Plugs, Lights, Chandeliers, Stoves, Eye level ovens, Hobs, Extractor fans, 100L Geysers, Steel Kitchen Cabinets, Zinks. Plumbing products we stock on site is second hand, Baths, Basins, Pedestals, Toilet Seats, Toilet Pans, Urinals, Spa Baths, Jacuzzi’s and more. […]

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Fencing stock includes Precast walling, Palisades, Swimming pool fencing and more.

Home renovation products, Second hand appliances. Plugs, Lights, Chandeliers, Stoves, Eye level ovens, Hobs, Extractor fans, 100L Geysers, Steel Kitchen Cabinets, Zinks.

Plumbing products we stock on site is second hand, Baths, Basins, Pedestals, Toilet Seats, Toilet Pans, Urinals, Spa Baths, Jacuzzi’s and more.

Products and Items on SALE and marked down prices.

Windows wooden and steel, Building Materials, Roofing & more

We specialize in the following services:

Rubble Removal
Garden Refuse Removal
General site clearing
Total site cleaning
Demolition of houses and buildings
Foundation excavation
Sand, topsoil and stone deliveries
Waste Management
Earth moving

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Demolition, Crushing and Civils  
Based in South – Africa, we are experts in Building Demolition and Site Clearance
Specialists in Residential Building Demolition

We have a fleet of well maintained, heavy duty construction equipment to ensure that we can manage small and large-scale demolition and site clearance projects in South – Africa.

We always aim to complete our demolition and site clearance projects as quickly and as safely as possible.

We are qualified to deal with all types of building demolitions and specialize in residential demolitions where our functions include:

  • Demolition of retaining walls
  • Swimming pool excavation
  • Foundations excavation
  • Tree felling
  • General / total site clearance
demolition demolition1_0 demolition2 demolition3 earthmoving1 earthmoving2 earthmoving3 earthmoving5

We also hire out TLBs and excavators in South – Africa for site clearance and rubble removal.

Please click on the thumbnails below to enlarge


Bulk Earthworks, Earth Excavation, Stockpiling, Compaction and other Earthworks Projects in Gauteng.

Protector Build has a first class earthworks team and our extensive earthworks experience allows us to undertake projects such as earth excavation, stockpiling, compaction and bulk earthworks.

The Protector Build Earthworks team operates in Gauteng and supplies the following services:

  • Earth excavation, stockpiling and site clearance.
  • Compaction and platform building.
  • Trench digging for bulk earthworks.
  • Supplier of compaction material, such as G5 and G7.

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Site Ref No: 16MAY.07 B & 16MAY.08 B

Site Name and Address: The Tyrwhitt; Bath avenue, Rosebank

Protector Build Agent: Marcel Hattingh

Client: ProBuild & Draco Demolition


We started the site on Monday 16th May 2016 and are given 7 days (till the 22nd May 2016) to complete the site by removing all valuable second hand salvage material.

We have 4 teams on site; each team consists of 7 casuals and 1 team leader.                                        Each team has their own objective/job on site:

  • Team 1: Removes all doors and frames
  • Team 2: Removes all bathroom units
  • Team 3: Removes all kitchen units
  • Team 4: To stack and store salvage material and load on the trailer

All our team members have safety knowledge and have the correct P.P.E and safety equipment.



  • Salvage material that will be removed from this site:
    • 58 Complete bathrooms (Bath, shower, basin and toilets)
    • 58 Complete kitchen units
    • All interior and exterior doors
    • Roof sheeting and timber

The above mentioned items will soon be for sale in our yard.

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