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No matter how well-constructed your home might be, it’ll reach a time when it becomes inhabitable, even if it’s hundreds of years to come. In the past, demolition was a very costly process – the entire structure had to be demolished, leaving nothing behind for the homeowner to recycle. However, times have brought about a great deal of change, with more effort to reuse and recycle in order to ensure sustainability within the planet. This gives another option in the way of “green demolition” when it comes to destroying a home that you and your family can no longer live in.


What is Green Demolition?

There are many people that still don’t understand green demolition, a fairly newer concept when it comes to home improvement. In most cases, a home is considered unfit for habituation for several reasons including but not limited to toxic chemicals or waste, unfit construction, safety hazards and unsanitary conditions. As a rule of thumb, if the costs of renovating the home can be lower than destruction costs then the home can be reused, but many times the demolition costs are lower, leaving homeowners with only a couple options. Green demolition involves recycling materials instead of destroying.

What can be Salvaged?

During green demolition, the building is taken apart, piece-by-piece, recycling materials that aren’t damaged or contaminated in order to build more homes. The resulting second hand building materials could consist of bricks, masonry, drywall, concrete, wood floors, counters and cabinets. There’s definitely no limit to what you can salvage from these homes, reducing the needs to create new products which promote pollution and destruction of trees.

second hand building materials

What are the Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, many people have never heard of recycled building materials. In essence, these are second hand building materials that have been removed from buildings that are being renovated or demolished. By using recycled materials you can get quality for a discount price, whilst breathing a second life into perfectly serviceable items.

Again, the concept of green demolition allows you to reduce the amount of good materials that are demolished and also to recycle pieces that can be used within other homes. This creates lesser costing materials as well, ensuring that homes can have a better and more stable structure for less money. The overall benefits of green home improvement highly trump traditional demolition, which really brings about minimal benefits to the homeowner.

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Unfortunately, salvaging is often more time consuming and laborious than traditional demolition. However, with salvaging, you’re not only earning tax credits but also protecting and lengthening the life of the earth, completely neutralizing the additional time and labor involved.

When it comes to demolishing a structure, the overall impact can be extremely costly financially and environmentally. The destruction leaves materials strewn around that can be hazardous, especially if toxic and not properly treated. Utilizing green deconstruction instead can bring about several great benefits to the environment, community, economy, and the safety of the project as well. Reclaimed building materials offer a means of completing your project to your desired standard and within your budget.

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