Protector Build Sales

Protector Build Sales

Fencing stock includes Precast walling, Palisades, Swimming pool fencing and more.

Home renovation products, Second hand appliances. Plugs, Lights, Chandeliers, Stoves, Eye level ovens, Hobs, Extractor fans, 100L Geysers, Steel Kitchen Cabinets, Zinks.

Plumbing products we stock on site is second hand, Baths, Basins, Pedestals, Toilet Seats, Toilet Pans, Urinals, Spa Baths, Jacuzzi’s and more.

Products and Items on SALE and marked down prices.

Windows wooden and steel, Building Materials, Roofing & more

We specialize in the following services:

Rubble Removal
Garden Refuse Removal
General site clearing
Total site cleaning
Demolition of houses and buildings
Foundation excavation
Sand, topsoil and stone deliveries
Waste Management
Earth moving

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