Salvage Article 1

Salvage Article 1

Site Ref No: 16MAY.07 B & 16MAY.08 B

Site Name and Address: The Tyrwhitt; Bath avenue, Rosebank

Protector Build Agent: Marcel Hattingh

Client: ProBuild & Draco Demolition


We started the site on Monday 16th May 2016 and are given 7 days (till the 22nd May 2016) to complete the site by removing all valuable second hand salvage material.

We have 4 teams on site; each team consists of 7 casuals and 1 team leader.                                        Each team has their own objective/job on site:

  • Team 1: Removes all doors and frames
  • Team 2: Removes all bathroom units
  • Team 3: Removes all kitchen units
  • Team 4: To stack and store salvage material and load on the trailer

All our team members have safety knowledge and have the correct P.P.E and safety equipment.


  • Salvage material that will be removed from this site:
    • 58 Complete bathrooms (Bath, shower, basin and toilets)
    • 58 Complete kitchen units
    • All interior and exterior doors
    • Roof sheeting and timber

The above mentioned items will soon be for sale in our yard.

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